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Product name : reishi mushroom extract

Organic reishi mushroom extract 10%, 20%, 30% polysaccharide
by UV 
offered by MaxIngreda-- a 14 years experienced cGMP 
manufacturer with warehosues in NJ & CA, USA.

Latin Name:
 Ganoderma lucidum (Leysser.Fr)Karst
Material Original: ZheJiang China 
Extracted Part: Mycelium& fruiting body
Supported Purity: Polysaccharide10%~50%,Triterpenoid 1%~8%,
spore powder and oil



MaxIngreda Nutrition Supplided Specification & Purity of Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract:

What is reishi mushroom 

Reishi mushroom also knowed as Lingzhi in Chinese ( Latin name: Ganoderma lucidum) is medicine mushroom 
which owned various miraculous benefits for health. It famous for strongest tonic mushroom herbs for people.
Belongs to basidiomycetes polyporaceae specie of mushrooms. The reishi mushroom usage history can be 
begins 2200 years before especially in China. The oldest Chinese medical book" Divine Husbandman's Classic 
on Pharmacology" recorded the effective function and usage for reishi which show the thousands years experience 
and trail of people knowledge. Reishi is famous and knowned for people not because its precious but also its high
efficacy in medical value in the world. Now it almost have more than 800 active biomolecules and various effecitve 
ingredients. According decades of scientific research and studies certified the reishi mushroom have strong 
function of enhance human immunity, protect liver, help to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, anti-diabetes,
promote sleep and etc. 

The function and benifits of reishi mushroom extract

Reishi mushroom also called Ganoderma Lucidum is very popular in Asia especially in Chinese medicine with more 
than 2200 years. Because its strong effective for human, it usually named the " mushroom of immportality". With 
more than 800 active biologicals and effective ingredients. They make a very important character for human's 
health. Nowadays, reishi is also recognition in all over the world. More scientific research and studys have certified 
many benefits of reishi mushroom extract. Here we list exact for its function and benefits below

Immune System Support    Ganoderma lucidum extract have very good and strong effective in impoving the
immune system. From the study on tumors patients, who taking ganoderma lucidum extract with 30 days and
get results that the immune system make an significant improving especially the T  lymphocytes and decreased
CD8 counts  increasing. There is little side effects founded from the radiation and chemotherapy. And with a smoother
recovery after operative. Moreover, studys also found the ganoderma lucidum extract have a good effective improving
on antioxidant levers when used on a regular basis. 

Cardiovascular Health   For centuries, ganoderma lucidum are used to be an herb tonic to remedy people who
suffering stress and angina. In China, studies found that the reishi mushroom extract have the function to lower
oxygen consumption and promote the blood flow in heart muscle. which also found scientists of Janpan.They all
found these results are all because of the triterpenes, who is the natural ingredients compounds in reishi mushroom
extract and can reduce the high blood pressure, prevent blood clots,low cholesterol. Surely, another study found
in Russian show that the reishi mushroom have strong abilities for preventing the plaque build up on the artery walls. 

Protecting Liver  Study have showed that ganoderma lucidum extract have a good effective to protect liver. In the 
trail, patients who suffering the elevated liver enzymes and hepatisis B taking the extract with 3 months. In the
first month, the value of them have been seen reduction abvousily, and 3 months later these value have been a 
normal level as a health person. 

Antioxidants   Reishi ( ganoderma lucidum ) is known as a highly function of anti -oxidants. It contains the
highest antioxidant ingredients than any foods said by Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine -- Polysaccharide - 
peptide which is acted as the most effective and strength ingredients of antioxidant. So most of study and research 
have releaved that reishi mushroom major ingredients or component antioxidant character is the extract of reishi 

Anti-Cancer  Recent years study have releaved that the ganoderma lucidum have the ability to improve the
immunity and aganist the cancer cells proliferation. Some of the study also demostration that ganoderma extract 
can stop the cancer metastasis. Even some of unknown function and ingredients of ganoderma can have the alibity 
to prevent different stage of cancer development. They have the function of chemomorphosi s ( prevent the 
development of blood vessels and supply the nutrition to the tumor). It also think they can to stop the cancer tumor
migration , metastasis and even  strong or induciong the apoptosis. Now in days, ganoderma lucidum extract already
being used to the medicine for stoping the tumor cell's migration and apoptosis. In today study also found the 
the green tea combined with ganoderma lucidum can be enhancing the powder of preventing the cancer cells 

Cholesterol lowering  Ganoderma lucidum extract have the function of lowering the cholysterol which mainly 
stopping its growing through the liver. Nestle Research Centher in Switzerland researchers have found that the 
ganoderma lucidum derived --oxygenated lanosterol can prevent the synthesis of cholesterol. That's why they 
called the ganoderma lucidum is a " renowned medicinal species. 

MaxIngreda Nutrition 's Organic Planted Base for Reishi Mushroom: 

For our MaxIngrede organic mushroom planted base is in the deep of the mountations besides the river. We located 
here with 5000 square meters and with various mushroom planted like : organic reishi , shiitake , maitake, chaga, 
and etc. All of these we control them from cultivation of the strains. Especially from our duanwood red reishi mushroom.
In order to get high quality duanwood red reishi mushroom and get rid of the difficult wild duanwood red reishi 
gathering. Our persons especially to get the duanwood to cultivate bacteria from to getting the reishi fruit body
and reishi spore powder timely to reach our extracting needed.  

In order to guarantee our high quality organic duanwood red reishi material growing, we make the strictly scitific 
controlling from the atmosphere, irragation water, moisture, temperature and etc to get lower heavy metal and 
zero pesticide material. And we also have our c-GMP factory to make the extraction of  reishi to get its standard 
extract : reishi polysaccharide
,reishi triterpene  with various of purity to supply our clients. Nowadays, factory also 
owned the independent GMP workshop for blend formula mixing, capsules filling , soft -capsules making and etc. 
If you have any questions for our reishi mushroon extract and its blend formulat which we can help, please email 
us freely, All of our sales person in MaxIngreda will do our best to help you get satisifed products. 


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