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Product name : Icariin 10%

Epimedium extract (Horny Goat Weed extract) Icaiin 10% by
offered by MaxIngreda-- a 15 years experienced cGMP 
manufacturer with warehosues in NJ & CA, USA.

Latin Name: Epimedium sagittatum
Material Original: ShannXi, GanSu,SiChuan, China
Extracted Part: Branches and leaves 
Supported Purity: Icariin 10%,icariin 20%,icariin 60%, icariin 98% and etc


History of Epimedium  Original:  

Epimedium also called name horny goat weed,barrenwort,bishop's hat,fairy wings,or yin yang huo.It
have more than 2000 years history to be used in medicine as a sex-enhancer or improving man's health in
Chinese history.Epimedium have various of original which belongs one of genus flowering plants,
Berberidaceae famly.Mainly knowed grow in north and south of China,little also growed in other Asia area
and Mediterranea region.

Because of Eimedium special function,many cultures study and clinical testing show that epimedium benefits
to the function of libido,erectile,and also helps to relieve menopausal discomfort.One of the Epimedium
extract ingredients have found and reported to cure erectile problems.For men and women mainly be with low
libido.Women with undergoing menopause.Compared other plant,epimedium have several species of
epimedium which growed wild in China like Epimedium sagittatum,Epimedium brevicornum,Epimedium
wushanense,Epimedium koreanum,and Epimedium pubescens.

Epimedium Extract Icariin

Nowadays,epimeidum mianly used to be as an health supplement in a powder,tablet,or capsule form,especially
to be the blend formula with other ingredients to be different diease.Because the epimeidum can increases
bleood flow to genital area,it used to be as an herbal aphrodisiac.The epimedium mainly contains flavonoids
such as icariin,epimedium A,epimedium B,epimeidum C and baohuoside Iicariin

along with prenylated flavonol glycosides sagittasine A-C,acylated flavonol glycosides such as kaempferol
together with flavonolignans,2-phenoxychromones,a lignan,and aromatic acid derivatives.Some of these be of
compounds,particularly icariin promote endothelial nitric oxide-dependent relaxation of blood vessels and hence
can help for the treatment of erectile function and impotence..

Study on Icariin

With clinical study show the icariin can be support to increase the levels of nitric oxide and relax , smooth muscle. It
mainly to through the nitric oxide and PDE-5 activity to relax rabbit penile tissue. Also some research report that
use Epimedium extract injection into the penis of rat, it shows the penile blood pressure have an absolutly increasing.

The same function with Sildenafil ( Viagra mainly ingredients ), Icariin as the important active of epimedium, can help
to inhibit the acitivity of PDE-5. In vitro assays have demonstrated that icariin weakly inhibits PDE-5 with an IC50 of
around 1 μM,  while sildenafil has an IC50 of about 6.6 nM (.0066 μM) and vardenafil (Levitra) has an IC50 of
about 0.7 nM (.0007 μM).  Measured differently, the EC50 of icariin is approximately 4.62 μM, while sildenafil's
is .42 μM. With the weak potency of epimedium, and its unknown oral bioavailability, whether orally administered
epidemium extract has any effect is unclear from the literature.

MaxIngrede's Epimedium Extract Icariin Specification Supplied : 

MaxIngreda owned independent workshop which mainly produce the icariin ingredients for epimedium extract. To
get high extract ratio of icarrin, we special to collect SiChuan and GanSu wild epimeidum to support to provide
great purity icariin with lower cost. Below
 listed some of our welcomed ingredients as below for reference

Flow chart for Epimedium extract Icariin processing from MaxIngreda 

From 2012, Maxingreda cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences to research for artificial planting of 
epimedium to save the extract cost.Now all of  material is getting from the wild epimedium from SiChuan GanSu,
China where they are reputation for high contents of icarrin and we can get high extract ratio to save our
producing cost than other area. Below are our mainly extract processing: 

PS: 1.  All of the wild/organic material must be cleaning before extracting in workshop
       2. The water which is used for extracting is getting deep undergroud filtered water. 
       3. The solvent of water and acohol must be the Pharmaceutical Grade or food grade.

Advances in Study on Pharmacological Effects of Epimedium Extract  

Epimedium which has various of Epimdium species has long history in Chinese Pharmacological,
In " Compendium of Materia Medica" --LiShiZhen had alredy said the epimedium can benefit effect in
enriching consumptive disease, benefiting pneuma, protect lung and tonifying kidney, support healthy
energy. And now pharmacological studies have shown that the Epimedium have the function of
Increasing the flow of heart head blood-vessel; Promote hematopoietic function; Immunologic function
and bone metabolism; Anti-aging, anti-tumor and etc. Now we mainly make a conclusion for Epeimedium
pharmacological effects in recently 10 years as below: 

Benefit in cardiocerebral vascular system
1) Doctor WangMin study show that epimedium extract -icariin have the function of increasing the 
cerebral blood flow is because of  the direct expansion of blood vessels instead the impact on systemic
hemodynamics. And the strength of icarrin is weaker  but longer than than  papaverine.
2) Another experimental result show Icariin also can work through the expansion of vascular smooth muscle 
and increase cerebral blood flow experimental animals, reduce cerebral vascular resistance, protect cerebral
ischemia injury. GuanLiXin get that the effect of expand blood vessels mechanism associated with calcium
channel blocking effect from icariin. And LiuChongMing report that the flavonoids and icariin of epimedium 
intravenous injection can  increase cerebral blood flow and lower cerebral vascular resistance observably.
3) XuLanZhi researches show that the flavonoids of epimedium can selective blocking in vitro and animal 
myocardial receptors β1, but for tracheal β2 receptor and vascular smooth muscle α receptors without 
blocking effect. The results for epimedium clinical treatment of coronary heart disease, angina, provides a 
theoretical basis. 

Benefit in hematological system
1) GaoQiMing research and study get that the mainly reason for epimedium inhibition of thrombosis are
related with reduce red blood cell aggregation and reduce the viscosity of whole blood.
2) LiShuTong research and study show that icariin can promote the activity of CSF samples of spleen
lymphocytes in mice. The CSF are one kind of glycoprotein which mainly promote the increment of human
or animal bone marrow cells, differentiation, maturation and survival. It can promote  hematopoiesis and
stimulate to the function of the mature cells, plays an important role in hematopoiesis function. ZhaoYong
study show that icariin can collaborative induce 1L-2,3,6. And the 1L-3 mainly effects on bone marrow
pluripotent stem cells to promote a variety of blood cells differentiated value-added, 1L-6 work with
1L-3 support the appreciation of pluripotent stem cells, which can promote hematopoietic function. 

Effective in immune system
1) Effects on immune organs.The thymus and spleen as a central and important peripheral immune organs
of the body's immune function regulation plays an important role. Pharmacological experiments found that
epimedium polysaccharide can make the thymus reduced. Other studies have shown that epimedium
polysaccharide injection after mice thymus cell necrosis and organization structure destruction signs.
So we can get that epimedium polysaccharide thymus immune pharmacological action characteristics mainly
promote thymus release adult cells.Thymus shrink effect is not the result of immunosuppression, but its
enhanced the mechanism of cellular immune function
2) Effect of immune cells. The study found that epimedium polysaccharide can improve the level of SRBC
immune mice circulation hemolysin antibody, and with the increase of epimedium polysaccharide measurement
antibody levels rise.

Effective in Bone Narrow System

LiQingNan make application to testicular method,using in castrated male rats to establish kidney disease. And
through the indicators, such as bone metabolism and bone tissue morphology.Proved that epimedium does
exist kidney function, shows that it is good for osteoporosis prevention role

Modern research has shown that long-term application of adrenal cortical hormone can cause bone loss, the
reason is mainly due to its inhibition of intestinal calcium absorption and its negative nitrogen balance.
Make protein decomposition speed, reduce bone matrix synthesis.Many studies make some researchings for
epimedium extract liquid and epimedium blend formula to the long-term application of adrenal cortical
hormone - of adverse reaction caused by acetic acid prednisone combat role. The result show: the big rice who
take the medicine 3 month later will happen very significant osteoporosis and adrenal cortical atrophy.While
giving epimedium extract treated rats not only its adrenal atrophy is restrained, and significantly improve the
effect of bone formation, Bone trabecular area and density are similar and the control group, there are even more
than the control group

Effective in genital system

XiongYueBin make the study through in young mice and in vitro culture of rat leydig cells studied epimedium
glycoside effects on male reproductive endocrine, found that epimedium glycoside can make epididymis and
seminal vesicle gland weight gain in mice, and suggest that it may be associated with an aphrodisiac effect
of epimedium.In vitro experiments showed that epimedium glycoside can obviously promote the rat mesenchymal
cells secrete TS basis.Epimedium can improve male east uncle gonad damage, increase the content of testosterone,
estradiol levels increased, but the luteinizing hormone levels was not significant, prompt epimedium on function of
pituitary gonadal system has a promoting effect.

Effective on Anti-aging

Aging process is a comprehensive process, responsible for the mechanism are various, epimedium preparations
can affect aging mechanism from different aspects, such as impact cell batches, extend the growing season,
immune regulation and secretion system, improve the body's metabolism and function of each organ.LiuJiangPo
study epimedium flavonoids can reply galactose senile model value reflect the function of T and B lymphocytes in
mice, significantly increase the SOD activity of mice spleen, reduce heart tissue formation of lipid peroxide,
reduce heart organizations like the fat brown pigment formation.ZengNan study that epimedium  polysaccharide
 from WuShan area polyphase liposome can obviously increase the older animal serum and tissue in the SOP,
the activity of gsh-px, and can significantly reduce the older animals of LPO content in serum and liver tissue, reduce
fat brown mass content in myocardial aging mice.It says tthe WuShan epimedium have the function of anti-oxidant
and anti-aging. MengXianLi experimental study shows that epimedium hypothalamic neurotransmitter age-related
changes of natural aging animals have obvious delay action. In short, most indicators reflect epimedium have the
effect of anti-aging prolong life.

Effective on Anti-Tumor

LiGuiXin team research showed that epimedium glycoside can induce a wide variety of tumor cell lines in vitro
value-added, young people can be induced by acute early grain of leukemia cells (HL - 60) along the grain
direction differentiation, with typical cells transferred to morphological and biochemical characteristics and with time
and dose dependent. Epimedium glycoside of inducing tumor cell apoptosis at the same time, can affect the
change of the cell cycle when the phase distribution, and decreased apoptosis related gene and protein
expression level, suggest that it may be epimedium glycoside mechanism of inducing tumor cell apoptosis.

CuiZhenYan team results showed that epimedium is likely to be a new biological response regulator. Otherwise the
result showed that epimedium glycoside of ii  have good antitumor activity

HaoBingHua study team also found epimedium flavone on a tumor-burdened lower cellular immune function and
erythrocyte immune function in mice have certain recovery effect, can inhibit the growth of tumor cells to
some extent. Total flavonoids in epimedium as an aid in the treatment of patients with tumor drugs may have
certain application prospect.


It is interesting to note that although at least 15 fifteen active compounds have been identified in epimedium 
extracts,(luteolin, icariin,quercetin,and various epimedins),many supplement companies currently use alcohol 
extracts standardized only for high levels of icariin.The traditional use of epimedium,however,is as a hot-water 
decoction(tea),which would result in a very different profile of active constituents when compared to the high
icariin  alcohol extracts that are more  commonly used in commercial products. Although at least one test test
tube study has shown icariin to protect liver cells from damage with by various toxic compounds,other feeding 
studies ( in rodents ) have  suggested that high-dose  icariin may be  associated with  kidney and  liver toxicity 
There have been no reports  of adverse  side effects  associated with the traditional preparation of epimedium 
(water-extracted) at the suggested dosage (250 to 1,000mg per day).


Because all of the existing scientific  evidence for the anti-stress and cortisol-controlling effect of  epimedium 
has been demonstrated for  water-extracted epimedium (that is, as a tea), and because this form of extraction 
may result in a  safer form of epimedium ( compared to the high-icariin alcohol extract ), it may  be prudent to 
select supplements that specifically use a more traditional formulation. There have been no reports of adverse 
side effects associated with the traditional preparation of epimedium ( water-extract) at the suggested dosage 
(250-1,000mg/day in 2-3 divided doses).

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