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Product name : Coriolus Versicolor Extract

Coriolus Versicolor Extract Polysaccharide 10%,20%, 30%, 50%
offered by MaxIngreda-- a 14 years experienced cGMP 
manufacturer with warehosues in NJ & CA,USA.

Latin Name:Trametes Versicolor
Material Original:ZheJiang China 
Extracted Part: Mycelium& fruiting body
Supported Purity:  PSK 10%~50%  PSP 30% 5:1~50:1  


History of Coriolus Versicolor Extract (Trametes Versicolor)

Coriolus versicolor(Trametes versicolor)is a fruitful woodland mushroom that grows prolifically on diverse
hardwoods virtually all over the earth.It has been used for centuries,in many parts of the world,as a natural
medicine that provides strong anti-microbial,anti-viral and anti-tumor properties.

It is often referred to as"turkey tail"for it's shape and striped lines of various colors that resemble the tail
feathers of wild male turkeys.It is unique among the medicinal mushrooms,with extensive use in both
traditional herbalism and modern clinical practice.The focus of the modern clinical use and research(over
400 published studies),has been the immuno-modulating and anti-tumor properties of hot water extracted
polysaccharides.*Originally isolated from the fruiting body(the mushroom),sales for these unique all-natural
compounds have reached several hundred million dollars a year in Japan and China,making them the most
widely used products in those countries by people facing serious immune challenges.

In Classical Chinese and Japanese herbalism the fruit bodies(mushrooms)are harvested,dried,ground to a
powder and made into tea.Given the extraction rate of the polysaccharides in a simple hot water extract
it is interesting to note that the dose for the active compounds is the same in both traditional medicine
and modern clinical practice.

Specifcaitions of Coriolus Versicolor(Trametes Versicolor) Extract from MAXINGREDA 

In traditional herbalism hot water extracts of Coriolus were used to dispel dampness,reduce phlegm,treat
pulmonary infection,and to support liver health.The Ming dynasty edition of the Materia Medica states that
"The black and green Yun zhi are beneficial to one's spirit and vital energy,and strengthen one's tendon and
bone.If Yun zhi is taken for a long time,it will make one vigorous and live long."In Japan these mushrooms
are also highly prized and sought after by people suffering from a variety of cancers.It was this popularity as
a"folk remedy"that first got the attention of modern researchers.

At this point the extract began to get widespread use by Japanese oncologists.Coriolus polysaccharides are
used inpractice to support immune health after surgical treatment for various conditions&to support and
protect immune health in those patients receiving therapies where immune suppression is a prominent
feature.Private and government sponsored research continued to monitor the effectiveness of the highly
concentrated Coriolus extract in placebo controlled multi-institutional clinical studies,with the clinical
evidence demonstrating significant immune benefit from daily use.

Trametes versicolor,also called Coriolus versicolor,is a type of polypore mushroom or"bracket fungi"that has
pores on the underside of its fruiting body and tends to grow in shelf-like formations,ranging from only a
single row or,like turkey tail,up to dozens of rows at a time.

Polypore mushrooms,likeInonotus obliquus,Ganoderma lucidumor Trametes versicolor,grow and feed off of
tree trunks,branches,stumps or decaying logs.These types of mushrooms,related to corticioid fungi,are one
of the most vital managers of wood decomposition and play an important role in the cycles of all forest
ecosystems on the planet.

Coriolus Versicolor can be collected from wild,but the benefits of wild coriolus versicolor isn't necessariliy
better than the cultiviated.In order to enlarge the wild Coriolus Versicolor&cultivated Coriolus Versicolor
advantage,our farmers especially getting high quatliy duanwood from Mangrove,niche,ju,oak(Fagaceae
species)as the Coriolus Versicolor growth and development source of nutrients!Using the duanwood as
material getting the high quality fruit body!


Coriolus Versicolor from inoculation to mature get the fruit body only need about 40 days belong to high
output products which we mainly control the temperature between 23~30℃for the cultivation to get high
quality coriolus Versicolor and get the dry material after sun-cure which control the water content less than
12%for extracting preparing.There are have cultivated in synthetic medium for 6 days at 30℃with constant
shaking at150 rpm and also cultivated in citrus extract media using identical conditions,to yield7g/L powder
(CVEcitrs).Little days for getting material but less nutritional than our duanwood inoculation.Which we use
the traditional ways to get high quality material to guarantee our good effective function after taking.

Potential Health Benefits of Coriolus Versicolor Extract

A.Powerful Polysaccharide Constituents PSK and PSP
Turkey tail mushroom is packed with Beta-glucan polysaccharides that are known to help modulate and
stimulate the immune system.One of these beta-glucan-rich compounds is a protein-bound polysaccharide
called polysaccharide-K(PSK or krestin),and is found only in the Trametes versicolor mushroom species.

After being researched by Japanese scientists,PSK extract was approved in the 1980's as a medical drug to be
used for treating several types of cancers.Evidence in human clinical trials using PSK indicates anti-tumor
activity particularly for stomach,esophageal,lung and breast cancers.

"In Japan,PSK is a best-selling anti-cancer drug where it is currently used as a cancer treatment along with
surgery,chemotherapy and radiation therapy.PSP was discovered more recently and has been studied mainly
in China."American Cancer Society"


Turkey tail mushroom also contains the polysaccharide referred to as PSP,a potent anti-viral agent that works
primarily as a"biological response modifier"(BRM),stimulating the bodies response to infection and disease.

These anti-viral components are thought to be specifically protective toward the"oncoviruses"such as the
Hepatitis C virus and the Human papillomavirus(HPV),which causes cervical cancer.All medicinal mushrooms
have these immune shielding effect and many,like coriolus,chaga and maitake ,are currently being researched
for their potential benefit for eliminating viruses and also may act as preventatives,helping to build a healthy
immune system.

Powdered extracts of coriolus are often used in"supplement"form,in the West,and as a complementary
adjunct to prescribed cancer treatment.Many holistic medical practitioners are well aware of the mushroom
extract and it is often recommended for an extra boost to the immune system after chemotherapy to help  
mprotect against cancer recurrence.

B.Raises Natural Killer Cell Activity


Coriolus mushroom naturally helps to increase and activate"natural killer cells"or NK cells.These are unique
immune cells that provide a speedy protective response against tumorous growth and virally infected cells
acting in a much faster way than other cells because of their ability to identify stressed cells and pathogens.

Because NK cell levels drop and substantially deactivate after radiation and chemotherapy treatments,turkey
tail extract can be particularly supportive as supplement when undergoing such procedures.Increased NK cells
can assist in protecting the patient from further growth or exposure.

C.Used in Conjunction with Treatments for Breast Cancer

In an FDA approved trial atBastyr University,studying the response of turkey tail extract on cancer patients,it
was hypothesized that the mushroom could help improve impaired immune health in women inflicted with
breast cancer after a course of conventional medical therapies.An increase in NK cell count was thought to be
the reason as these specialized immune cells tend to quickly move in and attack any remaining cancer.

D.Helpful for Autoimmune Diseases

Turkey tail extracts can assist those with Lyme's disease,chronic fatigue syndrome and other autoimmune or
inflammatory diseases as it helps to modulate the immune"helper cells",which is an essential factor in
controlling these conditions.

How to use Coriolus Versicolor Extract?

With different usages like PSP:capsules@350 mg and PSK:powder in sachet@1 gram!We also use mushroom
extracts and stir them into hot drinks,shake and tonic teas with other superfoods,like shilajit and maca

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